There are a variety of ways to save money on prescription medications. The sites below are excellent resources to make sure you are getting the best possible price for your prescription medications. In addition to the sites below, if a copay reduction or discount card was not available from our office, it is always a good idea to simply check online by searching for the name of the medication you are taking followed by .com (for example nameofyourmedication.com). This will usually take you to a website that will provide information on any cost saving discounts that may be available. You typically will fill out some brief information and then be provided with a coupon or discount card that you can print and take to the pharmacy. Please keep in mind that these coupons are typically not honored by the mail order pharmacies and are usually prohibited by law from being used by patients whose medication coverage is provided through government-sponsored insurance (medicare, medicaid, HIP, Tricare, etc.)

GoodRx.com - A free app and website that allows you to compare medication costs at various pharmacies in your area.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance - Helps qualifying patients without medication coverage to the the medications they need for free or nearly free.

mailmyprescriptions.com - Wholesale pharmacy service.