Science Based Medicine
How to try to sort out science vs pseudoscience in medical treatments
There is a lot bad information out there. The popular press, friends, neighbors, websites, etc. How do you separate fact from fiction? The sites below offer scientifically based reviews of a variety of medical conditions and treatments.
Science Based Medicine
Quack Watch
Respectful Insolence
The Cochrane Collaboration
The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice
What's The Harm?

Fact Checking Resources
Need to check out a potentially dubious fact? The sites below are fantastic resources to determine if the latest piece of gossip, woo, or "advice" has a basis in reality.

Web Of Trust - sign up for this resource that rates the reliability of websites!
Rubtr - follow interweb site debates to follow controversies and opposing views.

Quackery to Avoid: Hall of Shame
Below are websites/people/organizations that, in my opinion, should be avoided due to spouting antiscience nonsense and "Woo". At the very least, I would strongly urge you to investigate their claims and the controversy surrounding them on your own.
Natural News
Deepak Chopra
Burzynski Cancer Clinic
Dr. Oz
The Food Babe